Dekker landscapes currently maintain major Roads, Sydney Harbour bridge, road verges, medium strips and lane ways, open areas.
Dekker Landscapes has the resources to shut down major roads to carry maintenance out or repairs.
We have teams that work at night to carry major works out so traffic is not imposed by our works.
Dekker landscapes team are extensively trained & compliant in all aspects of WHS and Traffic Control.

All our Staff are ticketed traffic controllers

Our Services

  • Commercial Mowing

  • Traffic Control

  • Slashing ( Fire trails )

  • Flail mowing for difficult access i.e.; drains, slopes etc.

  • Commercial wippersnippers

  • Chemical spraying of large areas Spray trucks for mobile work on free ways

  • Watering services 4500L water trucks available

  • Turf repair and Top dressing

  • Turf repair and Top dressing

  • Hedging, pruning & rubbish removal

  • Tree pruning and lopping

  • Weed control

  • Pest and disease identification and control

  • High pressure cleaning

  • Maintenance programs

  • Mulching repairs and services

  • Repair work to irrigation station and systems