Dekker Landscapes Design projects include commercial spaces, public works, and subdivisions for multiple dwellings, display and project homes, rural properties. As our designers work closely with our client to enable a seamless process and to understand the clients needs and whet they are looking for.

Our team has extensive experience with local and state government planning and development, regulation and policies, environmental management and sustainability practices.

All designs include a construction quotation.
As our design team have extensive industry experience, we will not only deliver a unique and personal design but will ensure the functionality of your space.

Our services for residential and commercial projects will include the following;

Landscape Plan (DA)

Scope of services includes:

  • Site visit to identify opportunities and constraints
  • Liaison with Client & Architect
  • Design and prepare the Landscape Plan for the Roof Top Terrace, (1:100 CAD Plan);
    • Planting Schedule (Botanical Name, Common Name, Mature Height, PotSize and Quantity)
    • Location & Extent of hard and soft landscape works
    • Existing and proposed levels
    • Locate existing rock outcrops
    • Identify existing trees to be retained or removed
    • Planting Images & Themes
    • Material Images
  • Meet to discuss Draft Landscape Design Plan to gain your comments and feedback.
  • Complete any amendments to the Landscape Plan.